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Social Justice and Advocacy - resources

A collection of resources for learning about social justice issues

Jesus' teachings make it clear that we are called to care for the poor and for those in need. The resources here are to provide some references about needs and to foster thinking about how best to engage intentionally as a parish in responding to those identified needs.

The Diocese of Toronto provides a Poverty Reduction Page for research and to learn more about the realities of poverty. It is found in the Social Justice section of its website.

The links below connect with a selection of those resources. There is also a link to the diocesan Poverty Reduction Page. There you can find more information and other links to additional resources.

Links to Learning Resources

  • Just the Facts

    Canada Without Poverty

  • Poverty Trend Report 2018

    Citizens for Public Justice

  • Fast Facts - Poverty and Social Assistance

    Income Security Advocacy Centre

  • 10 Myths - 10 Realities

    Social Assistance in Ontario

  • Hunger Report 2018

    Ontario Food Banks

  • Sick and Tired - Compromised Health

    Toronto Social Planning Council; U of T; Wellesley Institute

  • Child Poverty Report Card 2018

    Campaign 2000 to end child and family poverty


  • Policy Paper on Poverty Reduction

    Anglican Diocese of Toronto

  • Poverty Reduction Page

    Anglican Diocese of Toronto