The Food Bank

The Food Bank

The St Luke's Food Bank is a member of Kawartha Food Share

What is the Food Bank

The Food Bank provides a good selection of canned and dried goods, as well, as fresh vegetables and a variety of other food items. The Food Bank is supported by the people of St Luke's and friends of the parish. We are a partner with Kawartha Food Share. There is no cost to get food from our Food Bank.

When is it open

The Food Bank is open every Friday from 10:30 am to 1 pm. Please note that in holiday seasons, the day may vary. This is so we can make sure folks have food during any holidays. So, just check at those times of the year for any adjustments.

Who is it for

The Food Bank is here to help you have an ample and healthy supply of food. You will be warmly welcomed. People come to the Food Bank from around East City and Peterborough. If it's your first time, we will ask you to register for Kawartha Food Share. It only takes a couple minutes.

COVID Precautions

Masks are REQUIRED at St Luke's

Thank you!

What about a critical situation

We will do everything we can to help if you have critical circumstances. Please call the parish office at 705-742-6202 to speak with our parish secretary. She's at the church Tuesdays to Thursdays. We will do our best to respond to a critical need during the week. You can also message our Facebook page. Just know that we can't monitor it all the time.