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New issue — ‘community link’ newsletter features exciting news

Exciting news from the Planning and Options Group ‘community link’ newsletter feature: New sense of direction for the future The Planning and Options Group (POG) has been meeting on a weekly basis since the beginning of the year. On alternate Wednesdays, the group has been facilitated by Susan Abell and by Val Whalley. Both Susan…

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New programme for parish kids

St Luke’s rolls out new learning programme for kids Yes, we know. There’s no feast day in the Church for Valentine but when the customary day is not far off, what d’ya do. Plus it was a great way to connect young and old. It was the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany but a few days…

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Why don’t people talk more about faith?

Why are people so reluctant to talk about faith these days? A study by the Barna Group The Barna Group is an independent for-profit research organization that has been conducting interviews and research for over thirty years. Since 1984, it has conducted over one million interviews that have provided data for studies that track the…

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