Diocese launches new website

The Diocese of Toronto launches a new website in Februrary! It’s in the same place – www.toronto.anglican.ca – but with a new look and feel.

The Diocese of Toronto has just launched a new website in February!

You can find in in the same place as before but now it has an entirely new look and feel:  www.toronto.anglican.ca.

Over recent months, we have rewritten the content and redesigned the website to improve the experience for everyone. We have also strategically repositioned the website to reflect our Church’s mission to reach out to and welcome all those who seek to know and follow Jesus Christ.


As we embark on the process of launching the new site, it can take some time to settle in, and may take a few hours and possibly a day for the new site to show up in the URL for everyone. As you access the new site, please take some time to look around and get acquainted with it.

Our parish priest, Father Glenn Empey, served on the diocesan focus group to provide input for the website redesign process.

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