Great gardeners, peak produce

The amazing gardeners at St Luke's Community Gardens have wrapped up another bountiful season. Congratulations and commendations for all the hard work that produced a bountiful harvest for the second year of cultivation! Neither a late spring nor the constraints of COVID-19 stunted the activity of planting nor the care extended in tending the gardens and adjacent common areas.

This year there were more wildflowers dotting the gardens to add a touch of accent colours throughout the garden plots. The special cherry tree began producing fruit for the first time. The sunflowers were huge and truly amazing.

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The varieties of vegetables included tomatoes, various cabbages, corn, potatoes, assortments of peppers and squash, onions, beets, beans, and other kinds of fresh produce.

Jill MCullough and Anica James, co-coordinators, headed up assigning the garden plots, planning and organizing with the gardeners, ensuring compliance with Public Health COVID directives, and keeping everything functioning well for a successful summer growing season. Lorraine Brown once again served as St Luke's liaison with the community gardeners. Many thanks.

"The people of St Luke's are very pleased to provide the garden space for the local community and we're very happy to support the efforts of the gardeners in any way that we can. Glad we could help with water from the church during the drier parts of the summer. You know, it's just so great to see life and activity in the gardens around the church. And you couldn't help but notice the abundance of wild-flowers and their beautifully bright colours this season," Father Glenn Empey, parish priest, said. "By the way, I loved the sunflowers. They were huge. Thanks for all the hard work and for caring so well for the gardens."

The gardeners continued to practise ecologically-friendly methods of preparation, planting and cultivation. Composting was one such practice.

During the lock-down and subsequent restrictions due to COVID-19, working in the gardens offered the gardeners a healthy diversion from being cooped up at home. The gardens were not only providing fresh produce but they also were contributing positively to mental and physical health. Even passers-by remarked about how good it was to see the gardens and the work of the gardeners. 

We wish all the best to Jill, Anica, and to the entire community gardening team. And, we look forward to the next year with pleasure and expectation. Thank you all your hard work and for your caring for the gardens so very well.

Blessings to all!


  1. Doug Woods on 16 October 2020 at 11:11 AM

    Wonderful to see food being grown!

    • Glenn Empey on 18 October 2020 at 8:18 AM

      Hi Doug,

      It was a great season and, I think, a healthy one for the community gardeners both thanks to their organic produce and also by their being outside in the fresh air in spite of COVID restrictions. A great focus and an observable result.

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