Model of service to community

On 6 October, front-page in the Peterborough Examiner, reporter Matthew Barber wrote about Marilyn McKenzie (photo above - right) and her 50 years as a faithful volunteer with Meals on Wheels.


"[Marilyn] McKenzie ... has been with the organization for 50 years, and started volunteering and bringing people meals ever since her son started school full-time back in 1970," he wrote.


Marilyn recalled when she began with Meals on Wheels:

They were advertising at St. Luke's Church, asking for volunteers for Meals on Wheels. [It] was just getting started and they were putting a notice out in all the city churches for volunteers, so my girlfriend and I started. The churches were helpful in starting the Meals on Wheels program to help people who might have been unable to get out to get their own food or unable to cook it for themselves, she said.


At St Luke's Anglican Church, Father Glenn Empey, parish priest, said, "Marilyn is a solid model of our call to serve those in need beyond our walls. I want to commend her for her faithful service to others over so many years. I know also that the people of the parish give thanks for her service in the community and within the church."


Congratulations, thanks, and blessings to Marilyn McKenzie for 50 years of faithful community service!

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  1. Doug Woods on 15 October 2020 at 12:03 PM

    Congratulations, Marilyn. Paul uses the word “saint” to describe someone who’s set aside for special things, like service, perhaps to the community in a wider sense. That’s you. We’re grateful for God’s gift to you.

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