Cessation of all Worship Services throughout the Diocese

At 9:30 pm Friday,13 March, a second letter was received from Bishop Andrew, Bishop of Toronto, to notify parishes of the decision to cease gatherings for all worship services throughout the Diocese of Toronto effective Sunday 15 March

Message from our Parish Priest

Late this evening, the Churchwardens and I have received a letter from Bishop Andrew. His letter also cited one from Archbishop Anne, Metropolitan for the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. In the morning, Bishop Andrew sent an earlier letter which provided updates based on information available at that time. In the interim, there were new developments that required further action.

Effective Sunday 15 March 2020, gatherings for worship in all churches throughout the diocese are suspended until further notice. This includes mid-week Eucharists.

"In response to [a directive from The Ontario Ministry of Health], the Provincial House of Bishops has decided that the time has come to suspend public worship in the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, including the Diocese of Toronto," Bishop Andrew stated.


Based on earlier guidelines sent this morning, we cancelled upcoming parish events -- the St Paddy's Day Dinner and the March Community Supper. And, we suspended coffee hours that normally follow Sunday liturgies.

We will now include the instructions just added by the Diocese to cease worship services until further notice effective Sunday 15 March. There will be no Sunday Service on 15 March and for following weeks until further notice. This includes the suspension of our mid-week Eucharists.

The Churchwardens and I have been anticipating this possibility and have been working on contingencies plans. We will be implementing these plans as soon as possible so that we may remain in touch with one another as a parish family. We will make use of appropriate resources that available for us to maintain our sense of parish life.

Let us pray for those affected by the Caronavirus and especially for all levels of health-care providers who are assessing and caring for the needs of people in our communities across our province and nation.

Let us follow the suggestions that Bishop Andrew shared in his most recent letter: "Although we cannot gather for corporate worship, it has never been more important that we lift our prayers and praises to a merciful God, and to exercise care and charity for ourselves and our neighbours. Please continue in your personal devotions, privately and with your family, particularly on Sunday. Pray for this situation and for those most affected by it, especially the sick. Check in by telephone or email with others, particularly the isolated and vulnerable."

Faithfully in Christ,



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