Blessings to you at Christmas

The Right Reverend Andrew Asbil, Bishop of Toronto, shares a Christmas message with the people of the Diocese

The day you were born was a beautiful day. It may have been a very long time ago, or maybe not so much. And on that day, or a few days later, visitors came to see you. And the first to come were close, like aunts and uncles and cousins, and grandparents too. And when they came into the room where you were, they stepped in quietly, on tiptoe, with hushed tones. Why? Because a newborn has sensitive eyes and sensitive ears and sensitive skin, and they need to be held gently and rocked quietly and whispered to.

And when it was their turn to pick you up, they may have said things like, “You look just like your mother.” “I see your father in you.” “You have your grandfather’s eyes, or your grandmother’s nose.” Or, “I see me in you.” And as they caressed your chin with their finger or held onto your tiny little hands, they may have said, “You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are beloved.” ...

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