Pageant brings smiles to faces at St Luke’s

Pageant brings lots of smiles to faces at St Luke's

The parish kids, under the able guidance of Marion, Hilda and team, retell the Christmas Story with costumes and carols. A great experience for young and old with special cameo appearances to portray the three kings.


Thanks to Marion, Hilda and their helpers, there were a lot of smiles and warm hearts as the parish kinds retold the Christmas Story in their annual pageant. They also had some help from three parishioners, Matthew, Bob, and Mal, who made cameo appearances as the Three Kings. Yes, we know, they don't actually arrive until Epiphany. Nonetheless, this Sunday in Advent spurred on expectations for the coming celebration of the Feast of the Nativity.

Blessings and Happy Advent to one and all!

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