Sunday, 20 October: We celebrate the Feast of Saint Luke -- our Patron Saint

We gather as the community of faith to celebrate our Patron Saint

This is a great day to gather for a Festive Eucharist and the Feast of St Luke, enjoy a meal together, and stay for some really great local music. Folks who feel a connection with St Luke's are especially invited to re-connect and join in a day of celebration and good times together.

10:30 am - Festive Eucharist with music of celebration

12 noon - a special catered lunch for all

2 pm - The Misfits Rock n Roll Band -- great music from 'back in the day'


Want to check out the parish -- come right along.

Mark your calendars. Spread the word. 

Saint Luke, also called Saint Luke the Evangelist, (flourished in 1st century; feast day October 18), in Christian tradition, the author of the Gospel According to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, a companion of St. Paul the Apostle, and the most literary of the New Testament writers. Information about his life is scanty. Tradition based on references in the Pauline Letters has regarded him as a physician and a Gentile. He probably accompanied Paul on several missionary journeys.

Luke is first mentioned in the letters of Paul as the latter’s “coworker” and as the “beloved physician.” The former designation is the more significant one, for it identifies him as one of a professional cadre of itinerant Christian “workers,” many of whom were teachers and preachers. His medical skills, like Paul’s tentmaking, may have contributed to his livelihood; but his principal occupation was the advancement of the Christian mission.

If Luke was the author of the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, the course and nature of his ministry may be sketched in more detail from both texts. He excludes himself from those who were eyewitnesses of Christ’s ministry. He indicates participation in the Pauline mission by the use of the first person in the “we” sections of Acts. They suggest that Luke shared in instructing persons in the Christian message and possibly in performing miraculous healings.

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