Community Gardens … WOW !

Amazing community gardens

Neighbours grow amazing produce ready for fall harvest from community gardens

Neighbourhood gardeners in the Curtis Creek area of East City have had amazing results from their hard work at the St Luke's Community Gardens. Most of the plants and vegetables were planted from seeds in the spring. Thanks to the attentive care and nurturing by the garden teams over the summer, there is now a plenteous crop of fresh fall vegetables. This has been an amazing accomplishment that has transformed the front lawns of the parish for the benefit of the local community in East City.

In addition to the vegetables being grown, there is also a variety of wildflowers that add a colourful touch to the gardens. Thanks to the kindness of Anica, a selection of fruit trees has been added. Thanks to all others who have contributed to the gardens.


Congratulations to Jill and Anica for their work as Organizers and Coordinators and to each one of the garden team. Thanks to Lorraine from St Luke's as parish liaison. The Community Gardens Project at St Luke's is the result of 'seeds' planted through the work of the Sustainable Urban Network (SUN) and Peterborough Green Up over recent years. The SUN programme has assisted in providing support for the transition of the parish lawns to become the present gardens.

The gardeners have been making fresh produce available to serve the needs of the Food Cupboard so that people who make use of this service have fresh-from-the-garden vegetables to enjoy.

The season is really coming into its stride as fall approaches and it's not over yet. The community gardens project is a huge success which will continue in future years.

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  1. Father Glenn on 23 August 2019 at 9:43 PM

    This is an excellent project. The community gardeners have done an absolutely super job. Kudos to each of them! Blessings from St Luke’s.

  2. Bill Nicholls on 23 August 2019 at 8:31 PM

    What a great community project with fabulous results.
    Great pictures here to show the accomplishments.

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