New issue — ‘community link’ newsletter features exciting news

Exciting news from the Planning and Options Group

'community link' newsletter feature: New sense of direction for the future

The Planning and Options Group (POG) has been meeting on a weekly basis since the beginning of the year. On alternate Wednesdays, the group has been facilitated by Susan Abell and by Val Whalley. Both Susan and Val are experienced facilitators in the area of congregational development within the diocese. On the other Wednesdays, the group has met on its own.

“I was part of all the visioning and discernment efforts back around 2015 and on. We didn’t want to rehash that. I’m happy to say that the work and process of the Planning and Options Group has been notably  different—much more productive,” Bill Nicholls said.

The tasks of the group have been the following:

• to study and report on current resources and trends in order to project a picture of the next two to three years for finances and people-power
• to brainstorm and “dream” creatively about what St Luke’s can become, including how we serve the community, future ideas for property and facilities and how we can develop our resources to continue a meaningful presence in East City

• taking into account the projections and “dreams”, to propose a plan for the next two to three years and beyond

• to ensure our plans collate with the teachings of Jesus and his call to us  as disciples

“We’ve looked briefly at our history. We’ve considered current research about the life cycles of a parish. We’ve assessed our resources, both people and finances. We’ve made projections based on our trends over
the last five years. We’ve also considered the expected development in East City and how we can serve our neighbourhood and community. We now have a new sense of direction,” Lorraine Brown added.

On Sunday, 16 June 2019, during a special Service, the Planning and Options Group shared its vision for the Parish of St Luke’s and commended its work to the people of the parish.

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