Here grows the community gardens

Here grows the community gardens at St Luke's

Local community gardeners put in a full day in getting the gardens ready for planting

Thanks to the support of Peterborough GreenUp, the SUN Programme, and Nourish plus local gardeners, the community gardens at St Luke's have become a reality. A dozen or so gardeners did all the hard slugging to add triple-mix to the soil. They then added wood-chips in order to provide space between garden plots. Earlier in the week, the sod was stripped from the areas where gardens will be planted.

The gardeners all hail from East City and the Curtis Creek neighbourhood. They have been working on planning the community gardens since last winter. It's really great now to see all that planning and organizing paying off as the design is implemented.

Here is a photo-story from 24 May and earlier in the week when the sod was removed.

The gardeners have a Facebook Group to connect with one another online

What great work by everyone and terrific teamwork! Special kudos to Jill McCullough and Anica James who serve as  co-coordinators of the project 🙂 

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