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Information for parishioners from the Planning and Options Group

Every second Wednesday since the end of January the members of St Luke's Planning and Options Group have been meeting with Susan Abell and Val Whalley as our facilitators. The sessions have been productive and continue to be so. There is a high level of trust and openness among the entire group. The Advent Issue of the 'community link' newsletter provided background about the work of the group and expectations for the parish.

Key points


  • St Luke's is focused on God's mission and committed to putting the teachings of Jesus into action especially in caring for others


  • There is a new sense of vitality and engagement throughout St Luke's
    • the people of St Luke's are committed to outreach and support the parish through their givings and volunteer work


  • St Luke's has a recognized presence in the neighbourhood
    • gathering place for numerous community groups -- examples: scouts / guides et al
    • food cupboard, thrift shop
    • community gardens
    • many neighbours perceive St Luke's as 'the neighbourhood church'


  • It is evident that St Luke's is a genuinely welcoming community of faith


  • The East City is a unique community within the City of Peterborough


  • As an outcome of the experiences over recent years, St Luke's exemplifies a high level of commitment to its future as a revitalized community of faith

Sessions and timeline


30 January

  • Orientation
  • Confirmation of the work plan

13 February

  • Where We’ve Come
  • Sharing and understanding our history

27 February

  • St. Luke’s Parish Today
  • Parish, people, resources, community

13 March

  • Life Cycle of the Parish
  • What stage is St. Luke’s after 60 years?

27 March

  • Looking Forward 3 to 5 Years
  • Projections about the parish and the community

10 April

  • Options and Opportunities
  • What could be our future?

1 May

  • Matching Resources to Options
  • Sustainability for success

29 May

  • Drafting the report back
  • Developing the plan to present results of the process with the parish

June (date to be determined)

  • Special Meeting with the Parish
  • Consideration of next steps

Our facilitators, Susan and Val, have shared with us how, over the course of recent sessions, they have noticed that there is a vitality evident in the life of the community that is St Luke's.

The next steps in the process will be significant. The next stage will be to focus on how best to channel this energy into a very intentional plan with actions that are goal-directed and measurable for success.

On alternate Wednesdays, the Planning and Options Group meets on its own.

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