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Be a pilgrim: get these excellent resources for Lent

Be a pilgrim: Get these excellent free resources for Lent

The Church of England is on the cutting edge with email and online resources for Lent and Easter

The Church of England’s 2019 Lent and Easter campaigns will take followers from the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday, through to Easter with the LentPilgrim reflections, and on from Easter Day to Ascension Day with EasterPilgrim reflections.

The daily reflections provide a short Bible reading, an invitation to pray and a suggestion of how you might respond to the challenge of how to live as God intends, both as an individual and in community.

These campaigns build on the success of last year’s Lent campaign, #LiveLent, which reached 3.54 million on social media, with 95 per cent of people who took the daily reflections finding them helpful, very helpful or extremely helpful in bringing them closer to God.

Begin a journey with us over Lent and Easter this year

  • Sign up for daily email reflections from the Church of England
  • Download the Pilgrim app for your smartphone or tablet

The Lent 2019 app on mobile phones

As with the #FollowTheStar Christmas campaign, the Lent-Easter daily reflections are also be available to those who sign up to receive the daily emails or download the app. This is free and available now from the Church of England.

I signed up for the daily email reflections. They are concise and right on target for meaningful reflections each day in Lent. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, the app also is really great.

The Rev'd Glenn Empey

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