Parish rolls out new programme and valentines

New learning programme and valentines

Yes, we know. There's no feast day in the Church for Valentine but when the customary day is not far off, what d'ya do. Plus it was a great way to connect young and old.

It was the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany but a few days later, it would be the 14th of  February. So, it was a great Sunday to share valentines between young and old in the parish. This also coincided with the roll-out of our new learning programme. Our new programme is flexible enough to allow for varying numbers of children who attend each Sunday. It also allows for visitors and new children. The programme is built around the Gospel assigned for each Sunday. There are crafts and fun activities that highlight the message of the Gospel passage. And, this all happens now in a bigger and brighter room with lots of room to wear off energy if anyone needs a break.

It was also the Sunday when the parish surprised Father Glenn with a cake to recognize his 37 years in ministry.

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