The Story of Christmas -- Pageant on Advent III

On Sunday 16 December, young folks and not-so-young share in telling the Story of Christmas

Our younger folks had been practising diligently for the previous few weeks to tell once again the Story of Christmas. The Three Kings only had one practice -- and one of them missed that practice -- but they still measured up well in the tableau pageant presentation for the Third Sunday in Advent.

Marion and Hilda did an absolutely fantastic job in choreographing the pageant presentation which included key readings from scripture and favorite carols that complimented the story.

Over 110 parishioners and extended family visitors gathered to see and hear the story.

It has been the tradition going back to St George's Church -- who amalgamated with St Luke's a number of years ago -- to enjoy a tasty hot dog lunch on the Sunday of the pageant. This year was no exception. At lunch also, several members of the parish had their Nativity scenes on display for all to peruse. All in all, it was a great day and another meaningful step in preparing our hearts for the Feast of the Nativity.

Very special and heartfelt thanks to Marion and Hilda for their commitment to working with our young folks to make the pageant such a fun and a touching experience.

Thanks to our Three Kings: George, Mal, and Arnold and to our Senior Shepherd, Randy.

But most of all, we offer our sincere thanks to our younger folks who each did an amazing job in bringing the Story of Christmas into our hearts. Happy Advent to them and to all. Christmas is coming very soon!

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