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The Community Supper

The Community Supper

Every 3rd Saturday in East City, you're invited to the community supper for pasta with home-made sauce, caesar salad, crusty bread and great desserts

St Luke's invites and welcomes you to a special community supper usually on the 3rd Saturday of every month 5 - 6:30 pm.

The price of the community supper is very economical. But, if things are really tight, we invite you to be our guest at no cost. If you'd like to contribute a bit more to help support the ministry and work of the parish, we would gratefully accept that. It's entirely at your discretion and not an expectation.

Many of our East City neighbours gather for this great meal and time together each month. Why not drop by too. And bring a friend or two. You'll love the home-made sauce. The usual fare to accompany the pasta is garlic bread and salads and tasty desserts.

Blessings to you.

Please note: Sometimes we juggle the date due to other activities. It's usually the 3rd Saturday but to make sure, just check our Events Calendar.


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