Why are people so reluctant to talk about faith these days?

A study by the Barna Group

The Barna Group is an independent for-profit research organization that has been conducting interviews and research for over thirty years. Since 1984, it has conducted over one million interviews that have provided data for studies that track the role faith pays in American culture.

"For his most recent book, Learning to Speak God from Scratch, Barna worked with religion columnist Jonathan Merritt to interview U.S. adults for whom spiritual conversations are rare or nonexistent to find out why they don’t talk more often about faith."

The recent study reports that, "People who don’t talk very often about faith offer different reasons, but most of these fall into two broad categories: avoidance and ambivalence."


For instance, the two avoidant responses (among the top four) given for not engaging in conversations are: “Religious conversations always seem to create tension or arguments” (28%) and “I’m put off by how religion has been politicized” (17%). The other two responses indicate ambivalence: “I’m not religious and don’t care about these kinds of topics” (23%) and “I don’t feel like I know enough to talk about religious or spiritual topics” (17%). Here’s the full list of options:"

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