Restoring scriptural imagination in a secular age

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This article, by Timothy O'Malley writing in an e-newsletter for The Living Church, is a bit heavy and academic but if you're into that or just want to check it out, the author makes some very good points.

I suspect that so-called evangelicals are better at presenting in their preaching a direct experience with Jesus and the Gospel than are we in the Anglican Church of Canada. The author believes that is the same for our Roman Catholic cousins. And, the points he makes are challenging for us all.

The article was first published in 2017 as part of a series and was recently re-posted on the Living Church Facebook page.



In November 2016, I published the first part of a series of columns that would offer an approach to ecumenical encounter among Roman Catholics and Anglicans on the theme of secularization. I noted at the end that three areas where we might work together across confessional boundaries would be scriptural exegesis, liturgical prayer, and a mystical approach to the ethical life. I now fulfill my promise by focusing on scriptural exegesis."

"... Preachers now speak about the intentions of the author of the Gospel of Mark rather than Jesus Christ. To the listener of the preached Word, the approach erects an obstacle to an authentic encounter with divine love as mediated through the text. The Bible becomes a memory that has no connection to the present, breaking the chain of memory.

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