A model for self-determination from NZ?

The Anglican Journal

The two existing primates of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia (ANZP) have announced that the province’s third primate will be Bishop Don Tamihere, currently bishop of Tairawhiti.

The Church of ANZP is unique in the Anglican Communion in having three primates of the whole province, but with special responsibility for the three Tikangas, or geographical and cultural streams: Polynesia, Maori and Pākehā (people of European descent).

Tamihere will succeed the late Archbishop Brown Turei, who died in January 2017 at age 92, just two months ahead of his planned retirement.

As part of the planning for Turei’s retirement, Tamihere was nominated as bishop of Tairawhiti—or Te Pihopa o Te Tai Rawhiti—in October 2016. The diocese serves the tribal district on the eastern seaboard of New Zealand’s North Island. He was consecrated and installed in March 2017.

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Indigenous Ministries in Anglican Church of Canada

Indigenous Ministries supports the Indigenous Peoples of Canada (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) spiritually, socially, economically and politically. We recognize that the purity of the land base provides for all our needs.

As active participants in the life of the church, we strive for reconciliation with the Anglican Communion and work towards Indigenous self-determination.

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