Helping local families thrive and enjoy Christmas

Over recent years, the People of St Luke’s have partnered with Armour Heights Public School in a project to help local families have a Happy Christmas. The project provides food hampers for local families who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the family festivities that should accompany the celebration of this Holy Season.

The parish provides for four families by inviting parishioners to choose what part of the hampers they would like to contribute. Thanks to the generosity of many parishioners, the hampers are filled to the brim. The school advises about the family composition and ages of children without identifying the family name. It turns out that each “hamper” is comprised of several tote bins and separate bags. Each hamper contains:

  • a turkey for the family
  • roasting pan
  • potatoes, stuffing etc
  • a box of tangerines or clementines
  • Christmas candies, cookies, treats and sweets for the season
  • a fresh ham
  • Christmas crackers
  • home-made pies
  • a wrapped gift for each person in the family
  • breakfast cereals
  • hot chocolate
  • gift cards from local grocers for fresh produce etc — value $70
  • other seasonal items

“We call them Helen’s Hampers,” Church Secretary, Susan said,”  because Helen Horner is the primary coordinator of the process which is quite involved to make sure we have everything covered. There’s quite a bit to organizing it all. Helen does a great job with her team of helpers.”

St Luke’s connects with the local neighbourhood through on-going outreach and special projects. Recently, the parish began a new initiative to consult directly with local neighbours to discern specific needs and to become even more intentional in making connections that make a positive difference for those in need.

This generated considerable response from the community through the parish website, on Twitter, by email, telephone, and through in-person contacts. The parish leadership team is actively following up with members of the local community/

The hampers were delivered to the school on the morning of 22 December, the day before the break for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Blessings to all.

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