Folks connect at community dinner …

For several years now, each month St Luke’s invites neighbours from the local community for a home-made spaghetti dinner. In December, the fare changes to a pre-Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings. This year the turkey dinner was on 9 December. The cost was still a toonie or a free-will offering but no one is left out who wants to enjoy the meal and sense of community.

As parishioner, Linda Piers, remarked, “I was amazed, as I went around from table to table to connect with people, that two ladies mentioned that they both lived near the church in close proximity for years but they had never really met. What a great way to nurture a sense of community in connecting with people!”

Recently, St Luke’s has reached out to make closer connections with the local neighbourhood. The church sign carried a message about connecting with the local neighbourhood to make a positive contribution in our community. You can learn more about this on the parish web-site. Responses from the local community have been significant both through the web-site, by email, and by direct contact.

“These are great indicators of potential to make a difference. We will be following up on every idea folks have been sharing”, Father Glenn said.

Over 150 people gathered in the parish hall to enjoy a great turkey meal and to enjoy each other’s company and to get to know one another a bit better

Thanks to all who made the December community meal a great success. Blessings to all in the neighbourhood and nearby for a Happy Christmas.

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