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Blessings to our Servers

l-r Christopher Nadeau-Lavallée, Autumn Konkle, and Trinity Garvey

Blessings to our Servers and welcome to our new Servers. It is great to have each of you as part of our Celebrations of the Eucharist each Sunday.

Father Doug has been working with our young people in preparation for Confirmation. As interest has grown among the young students, they have wanted to learn more and to take an active part in the liturgies of the Church. And so, Father Doug began training sessions for them to learn about being Servers for the Sunday Eucharists.

Father Doug recently sent along some thoughts on being a Server at St Luke’s:

When I say “server” you might think of this—a computer server. Or maybe you think about a person who works in a bar or a restaurant.


But what I’m talking about is a person who helps at religious services.


In the Anglican Church, Servers can be young people or adults, male or female.


What do Servers do: In processions on Sundays, they may be crucifers and/or torch bearers.


Crucifers carry the processional cross and lead the procession.  Torch-bearers carry ceremonial candles.


Finally the role of Servers is helping the priest, deacon, or lay reader to set the altar for Holy Communion.  This is also known as the Holy Eucharist and it’s celebrated by the parish priest.


Servers are servants in the best sense of the word.  All ministers of the Church are servants, crucial to the ministry of the Christian Community — the Church.  Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be your servant.” Matthew 23:11

Blessings, welcome, and thanks to each of our Servers at St Luke’s. Thanks, Trinty, and welcome to our new Servers, Christopher and Autumn.


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