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A timely encore from PtboCanada about church sign

“St. Luke’s Anglican Church In Peterborough Has Awesome Funny Signs”

On Sunday 26 November, PtboCanada posted a comment on Facebook:

— via from 

St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Peterborough’s East City posts witty messages on their signs that are definitely getting noticed in the community and way beyond.

Singer/songwriter Carling Stephen took this picture below on Saturday (February 25th), she tells PTBOCanada, and posted it to Twitter. It is now going viral with more than 1,000 retweets already…

[Note the statistics for likes and retweets!]

Back in December 2016, she posted this tweet and photo from the church’s sign that also went viral…


 Here is another one she tweeted as well in December…



 “All we [at PtboCanada] can say is whoever is running the Sign Board at St. Luke’s, keep these messages coming!”


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