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Peterborough Commission Committee – appointed by Archbishop

The newly formed Peterborough Commission Committee visited the five Peterborough churches on Tuesday, 2 May. That evening at Christ Lutheran, the Commission met with the Covenant Council plus Wardens of the churches.

The Peterborough Commission Committee was introduced to the Covenant Council members. Then each person was given the opportunity to express their concerns and hopes about the future of the Church in Peterborough. Some parishes had chosen also to make prior written submission to the Commission. Other parishes had chosen not to do so. It is expected that this meeting of Council marked the completion of their formal work on behalf of the Peterborough Covenant churches. On Sunday, 4 June, the Day of Pentecost, all the churches plan to gather at St Barnabas for a picnic lunch and to express thanks and appreciation to members of the Covenant Commission and members of the Covenant Council for all the hard work they have contributed over the last number of years.


dated April 3, 2017

At the request of Archbishop Colin Johnson, in applying Canon 13, the Peterborough Commission Committee (“PCC”) has been asked to bring to him, and ELCIC Bishop Michael Pryse, a Recommendation on which two buildings are best suited as the worship centres by the creation of two new parishes, through the consolidation of the current four Anglican and one Lutheran church buildings in the City of Peterborough. The PCC Recommendation may also address the possibility of keeping some of the other buildings as outreach or ministry sites, and/or for alternate uses.

The Recommendation will be informed by an assessment of each parish facility, programs and ministries. It will also be informed by the current and projected infrastructure of the City of Peterborough.

Appointed Members of the Peterborough Commission Committee:
• The Reverend Keith Joyce (Chair)
• The Reverend Anthony Bassett
• Heather McGregor
• Elizabeth Hill
• Laurie Knott (Lutheran Representative)

The Recommendation is to be for two buildings that are best suited as the worship centres for the two new parishes, and this mandate includes the following assumptions:

➢ The Recommendation may also include the possibility of keeping some of the other buildings as outreach or ministry sites, and/or for alternate uses
➢ The PCC is independent from the original Assessment Commission, and any of the recommendations included in their reports
➢ The PCC Recommendation will be informed by and can rely on the vast amount of work included in the reports of the Assessment Commission
➢ The PCC may ask for and obtain additional information to amplify and verify the Assessment Commission reports which may include a discussion with the Covenant Council
➢ Consideration is to be given to retain a sense of Lutheran identity as part of the reconfiguration of the parish(es)
➢ The current parish personnel will not be a determining factor in the PCC Recommendation
➢ The final recommendation of the PCC will strive to meet a deadline of May 31, 2017

The following is not expected by Archbishop Johnson and Bishop Pryse, and will not be included in the recommendation:

➢Governance structure of the recommended parishes
➢ The nature and character of the worship and ministries of the sites recommended
➢ Personnel requirements/recommendations for the two parishes recommended for Peterborough

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