Palm Sunday was a fitting occasion to celebrate the recent arrival of St Luke’s newest parishioner: Korben Guest! After the Liturgy of Palms and reading of the Passion as part of the Palm Sunday Eucharist, parishioners gathered in the parish hall to extend an official welcome for young Korben. There were refreshments and sandwiches and of course a cake.

Once members of the parishioners knew about Korben’s arrival in the world, they began planning a special Shower for his Mom and Dad, Shannon and Randy Guest. Randy is one of the Church Wardens at St Luke’s. They also have two other children who were duly present for the celebration: Rayna and Evan. The Guest family were presented with a number of useful gifts as well as a gift card to help with essentials for their new family member.

It was a great day to celebrate on Palm Sunday as Holy Week began.

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