The Council of the Peterborough Covenant of Anglican and Lutheran churches met on 9 March 7 pm at All Saints’ Church. The meeting was called at the request of Bishop Patrick who is serving as Commissary for the continuing process of parish amalgamations.

The Council tended briefly to business including feedback about the Christmas Carol Service that took place prior to Christmas. Here is a Covenant Council quick update about the meeting.

Bishop Patrick outlined information about the formation of the Archbishop’s Commission and explained how he expected that process would proceed. The new Commission will be comprised of two clergy and two laity from the Anglican community and one person from the Lutheran community. Each member of the Commission will be from outside the Trent-Durham area. Bishop Patrick stated that the Anglican members have been approached about serving in this capacity and that the Archbishop is awaiting a response from them about their willingness and availability to serve. He added that the time-line is on schedule for an expected announcement before the end of March.

Once the composition of the new Commission is known, the Council Chairs will be inviting those individuals to a future Council meeting. Bishop Patrick added that he would expect that the new Commission members would be visiting the parish sites and speaking with key leaders in each parish. He elaborated by saying that each parish should be formulating any points of concern to be presented to the new Commission.

The Council then  explored possible next steps for the Peterborough churches with focus on activities or programmers that can be helpful in moving forward. They also considred possible jont activities that the churches could undertake as common projects / liturgies etc.

The Council also decided to hold an event that would formally recognize and thank the members of the former Covenant Commission that was tasked with amassing information about the parishes (demographics, assets, real estate, features etc) and, from that foundation, producing a Final Report and Recommendation. The work of the Commission was completed in late 2016 and the report was distributed in the early new year.  Many individuals have recognized the hard work that went into producing the Final Report and Recommendation. The Council unanimously agreed that a formal recognition and expression of sincere thanks would be a meaningful way to mark completion of the Commission’s work on behalf of the Covenant. A tentaitive date for the gathering of the Anglican-Lutheran community is set for the Second Sunday of Easter, 23 April.

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