On 25 February, Carling Stephen, local singer-songwriter noticed the caption on the St Luke’s church sign and took a photo of it. She then shared it on social media via Twitter.

Her tweet was seen shortly by over 800 of those who follow the artist on Twitter. Carling also shared her photo with PTBOCanada, a great local digital social media company who specialize in all things Peterborough. They, in turn, posted the photo to their website and Facebook account. By later that day, the photo had been shared over a thousand times.

Thanks, Carling, for noticing. We appreciate your kind comments. And thanks PTBOCanada.


You can find out more about Carling by checking out her website. And you can listen to one of her great songs in the video below. It is really worth the listen!

Keepers of the church sign are George and Kathy Axcell.

Canadian singer-songwriter Carling Stephen performing her lover’s-rock/reggae tune Baby Don’t Go. From her Kwalia EP (2011), under the name Carling Campbell.

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