Recent reporting about Peterborough Covenant

On Wednesday, 1 February an article was published in the Peterborough Examiner about local Anglican and Lutheran Churches. The article cites the Final Report made by the Commission of the Peterborough Church Covenant which has been tasked with formulating a recommendation on future options for the churches to consider.

This comes after several years of dialogue, resource assessment, and consultations. While the newspaper presents many facts from the Final Report, it also casts the story somewhat in a way to stir emotion and garner an emotional response. Such is the essence of newspapers.

Later the same day on the News at 6 pm, CHEX TV aired a story on the same subject. The TV report, by CHEX TV reporter Greg Davis, adds useful context to the newspaper report.


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The Final Report is available on the St Luke’s website under the “Documents’ menu tab. It is also available on other parish websites. Parishioners are invited to read the report in its entirety and to take part in their parish town hall meeting. Some parishes have already held their town hall meeting. St Luke’s is scheduled for Saturday 4 February at 2 pm in the parish hall. The town hall meeting is open to all parishioners.

In a recent letter to parishioners, Father Glenn said:

I know that St Luke’s has been engaged in the Covenant process for several years and that this, along with other challenges, has been a time of uncertainty and anxiety. I want to encourage each of you to make a special effort to attend the Town Hall meeting because I believe it is a very healthy foundation from which to venture our next steps. The Town Hall meeting will provide a very good opportunity for dialogue and discussion and to explore all questions that may be on the hearts of our people. I see this as a very positive opportunity.


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