Covenant Commission Final Report circulated

The Peterborough Covenant Commission has released its Final Report for the members of parishes. The report stems from several years of consultation and dialogue which led their recommendation on the future of the Anglican and Lutheran parishes in Peterborough.

The Commission respectfully submits to the five Peterborough Anglican-Lutheran parishes and the Diocese of Toronto the following recommended option:
Reduce the current five parishes to two, each with a new name, two governance structures, worshiping at two locations.

The full report may be downloaded from the ‘Documents’ section of the website.

Immediate next steps will entail Town Hall meetings at each parish. Next, on 12 February, each parish will vote at Special Vestries on an opt in / opt out motion discussed at the Town Hall meetings. From there, the Archbishop of Toronto will convene an advisory group comprised of laity and clergy of the Anglican and Lutheran communities to review the all information pertaining to the recommendation and select which parishes to recommend to the Archbishop as the two into which the other parishes will be realigned. By May, the Archbishop will announce his determination based on the input provided to him.

In a letter to the People of St Luke’s as parish priest, Glenn Empey stated,

I know that St Luke’s has been engaged in the Covenant process for several years and that this, along with other challenges, has been a time of uncertainty and anxiety. I want to encourage each of you to make a special effort to attend the Town Hall meeting because I believe it is a very healthy foundation from which to venture our next steps.

Bishop Patrick White, who served as Acting Area Bishop during the period of time before the appointment of new area bishops, has been named as Commissary by the Archbishop to offer guidance during the next steps of the process.

  • St Luke’s Town Hall Meeting with Bishop Patrick White
  • Saturday, 4 February 2017, 2 pm
  • Special Vestry Meeting
  • Sunday, 12 February 2017, after the combined 10 am Service

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